Pawan Wodeyar, part of the Oscar jury; Experienced director

Everyone was curious about which movie from India will go to the Academy Awards this time. Everyone was calculating whether any of the movies ‘RRR’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ could jump to the Oscars from India. Several films from India were nominated for Oscars in different categories. Finally ‘Chello Show’ movie has given entry to Oscar from India. Specially, talented Kannada director and producer Pawan Wodeyar was involved in this Oscar Award Selection Committee as a member.

Pawan Wodeyar shares the joy and experience of working as a member of the Oscar Award jury. I did not expect to get a call from the Oscar committee. Initially I couldn’t believe it when I got the call. Being recognized for my film work and invited to participate as a jury has been very meaningful. It can be said that my production ‘Dollu’ has given me such a prestigious platform. I think this is a great honor for me. I am very happy that I participated as a jury member from the Kannada film industry in a team of 17 people,” Harsha expressed.

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Movies in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati and Malayalam languages ​​were selected for Oscars. It is a pity that any movies from our language are not selected for Oscars. I am sure that our films will be nominated for Oscars in the coming days,’ says Pawan Wodeyar.

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Recently, the movie ‘Dollu’, produced by Pawan Pawan Wodeyar, opened. The special thing is that this movie also won the National Award. Pawan won the National Award in the first film produced. Besides, Pawan Wodeyar is all set to direct a movie in Bollywood as well.

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Currently, the movie ‘Remo’ directed by him is to be released. This movie was directed by C. R. Produced by Manohar, Ishaan and Ashika Ranganath are in the lead roles. It is a musical love story and has been shot abroad.

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