Pavana Gowda: Paavana Gowda ready for release of trailer

‘Thoothu Madikai’ .. In Kannada, it is known that the cinema of a different title is geared for release. The film is set to hit the screens on July 8th. The trailer launch of the movie ‘Thoothu Madikke’, which has already made its mark on the poster, teaser and song, has just taken place. The entire film crew witnessed the unveiling of the trailer.

Talking about the film, director Chandrakeerthi said, “We have been waiting for the release of the film for three years. Every step is a dream. Thank you for supporting it from the beginning. The new director has a hard time getting a producer, some years of Journey.

Newcomers ‘hollow pot’ of suspense thriller; This is the story of those who go behind the money

Pramod Shetty Matanadi, “Cinema Release Stopped on July 8th. Everyone Looks at the Cinema. “He said.

Actress Paana is the heroine in a new movie with a story about Lockdown

Chandrakirti is an action cut and tells the story of a selfish, greedy story. Paavana Gowda fame as ‘heroine of dolls’ and Pramod Shetty, Ugram Manju, Girish Shivanna, Shankar Ashwath, Sitara Naresh Bhatt are in the cast. Madhusudhan Rao and Sivakumar have invested in the Outer Pottery Cinema under the banner of Sarvata Cinema Garage.

Actress Paana Gowda is very happy to be associated with Srinagar Kitty

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