Pavan Wadeyar: Karthik Mahesh Acting, Directed by Sagar Puranik, Pawan Wodeyar Produced by ‘Dolu’ When?

Amidst all the commercial, clich,, love-love cinema in Kannada, the experimental cinema is distracting the audience. A sequel to the film is Dollu. Folk Art in the Countryside Folk Art The first Jalak film in the film, ‘Dholu’, which focuses on Dholu, belongs to the lap of lovers.

The significance of the hollow
Folk art and artists have roots in rural India. The significance of the doll is revealed in a teaser that opens in the village with the essence of folk art in rural India, depicting life and high cultural heritage. The devotional way of embracing Shivappa sitting in Kailash has also been built around the village where the village is believed to be, and the teaser is built around the folk art.

Pawan Wodeyar’s ‘Dolu’ Cinema, selected for the prestigious Dhaka Film Fest

Produced by Pawan Wodeyar
The film has a lot of international accolades, with ‘Dolu’ being a hot topic. It has also been screened at many international film festivals. Pavan Wadeyar, who has directed ‘Govindaya Namaha’, ‘Googly’, ‘Ranna Wickrama’, ‘Jessie’, ‘Nataraja Service’ and ‘Actor Sovereign’, has produced ‘Dolulu’ under his own Wodeyar Movies production company.

Dollu Movie: Pawan Wodeyar’s production of ‘Dollu’ is an awards night

Starring Karthik Mahesh
Nidhi Hegde plays the lead role of Karthik Mahesh in the film ‘Dolu’ which is directed by Sagar Puranik. Babu Hiranyaya, Chandra Mayur and Sharan Suresh will be playing the lead roles. Screenplay by Srinidhi DS and music by Anant Kamath. Already a good compliment to the song. Abhilas Kalathi Photography, BS Kemparaju’s compilation, Doluku Cinema, will hit the theaters in July.

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