Oscars 2023: Kantara, Vikrant Rona in Oscar court: Rishabh Shetty, Anoop Bhandari, Jack Manju First Reaction

Oscars 2023: Kantara, Vikrant Rona in Oscar court: Rishabh Shetty, Anoop Bhandari, Jack Manju First Reaction
Harish Basavaraj
The year 2022 is the year when Kannada cinema shines in the Indian cinema. Through the movies ‘Kantara’, ‘KGF’, ‘Vikrant Rona’, the audiences of different languages ​​of the country and the people of the film industry turned to Kannada. Now Kannada movies ‘Kantara’ and ‘Vikrant Rona’ have entered the Oscar arena. Until now only Bollywood movies were going to the Oscars. This is the first time that more films from South India have appeared in the Oscars list.

Kantara Lightning:
Directed by Rishabh Shetty and starring ‘Kantara’, this year’s charm on the screen is very big. Made on a budget of only 16 crores, this movie earned more than 400 crore rupees. Rishab kept the local story and made it visible to the people of the whole country. This movie was first made only for Kannada. But after seeing the response of the people, the production house dubbed it in all languages ​​and released it. Now this movie is in the yard of Oscar at the international level.

Kantara: Kannada movie ‘Kantara’ qualified for two categories of Oscars
What did Rishabh Shetty say?
I came to know about ‘Kantara’ in the Oscar list on Tuesday morning. This is a matter of happiness for both me and my team. It can be called a reward for the work done. Our movie is in the list of best movie and best actor. In this context I would like to mention the production company. Without their cooperation we would not have been able to come this far. I will go to work. When the movie becomes successful, the responsibility increases. Now I have increased responsibility’ said Rishabh Shetty.

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Vikrant Rona: This movie starring Kichcha Sudeep was directed by Anoop Bhandari. Anup Bhandari’s film has gone to Oscar yard for the second time through this movie. In 2016, his movie ‘Rangitaranga’ went to Oscar.

What is Anoop Bhandari?
‘Thousands of movies apply for a big award like Oscar. Being shortlisted in it is also a great honor. It feels good when the work and effort we put in is recognized. Director Anoop Bhandari said that ‘Vikrant Rona’ is in the list of 301 films of Oscar and we are very happy.

Jack Manju reaction
It is a matter of happiness that our movie ‘Vikrant Rona’ is also in the list of 301 movies of Oscar. We are happy to have made one movie. Now it’s up to the Oscars. Let’s see what happens next’ said producer Jack Manju.

RRR at Oscars: Team ‘RRR’ applied for the Oscars
301 movies that qualified for the Oscars
Oscar has just released the list of 301 movies. Voting begins for these films by the general public and the jury, whichever gets the highest number of votes, gets nominated for the award round. So this is just the published list for Oscar nominations.

Dominance of South India
This time there are more South Indian movies in the Oscars court from India. RRR, Kantara, Vikrant Rona, Iruvin Nilal, Rocketry The Numby Effect movies are in this list. Gangubai Kathiawadi, The Kashmir Files, Chello Show, Me Vasanth Rao, The Next Morning, Tuje Sathi Kahi, etc. are some movies from Hindi.

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