Nargis Babu death: Kannada filmmaker Nargis Babu is no more

Kannada film producer Nargis Babu has passed away. Nargis Babu, who was suffering from senile disease, was undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, Nargis Babu breathed her last today (August 11) due to a heart attack due to which the treatment was ineffective. Nargis Babu passed away in Bangalore. He was 76 years old.

Nargis Babu
Nargis Babu was active in the Kannada film industry for almost four decades. Nargis Babu was recognized in Kannada cinema as a distributor, production controller, executive producer and producer.

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Nargis Babu produced and distributed films through ‘Nargis Enterprises’, ‘Babu Films’. Nargis Babu produced films like ‘Sundara Purush’, ‘Yarige Bede Duddu’, ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’, ‘Anant Gowda vs Reddy’.

‘Aryan’ movie
Movie ‘Aryan’ released in 2014 starring hat-trick hero Shivraj Kumar and golden queen Ramya. D. Rajendra Babu was directing this film. However, after the sudden death of D. Rajendra Babu, it was Chi.Gurudut who completed the film ‘Aryan’. Nargis Babu was the executive producer of this film. Nargis Babu’s son Qamar also involved himself in the making of ‘Aaryan’.

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Son Qamar is also active in the film industry
Nargis Babu’s son Qamar is also busy in the film industry. He is doing film production and reality TV shows through ‘Comer Film Factory’. It was Kamar who started the Box Cricket League. Kamar also acted in some Kannada movies.

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Sandalwood Company
Sandalwood company is saddened by the death of Nargis Babu, who was in the Kannada film industry for almost 40 years. The family is saddened by the demise of Nargis Babu.

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