Narendra Modi: Actress Ramya Invites Narendra Modi To Watch Movie Trailer Of ‘Orchestra Mysore’

Narendra Modi: Actress Ramya Invites Narendra Modi To Watch Movie Trailer Of ‘Orchestra Mysore’

Actress Ramya is active in social media and pays a lot of attention to cinema. Recently, Rakshit Shetty has also seen the acting film ‘777 Charlie’, with lots of teasers and trailers shared on his social media. He has also told Narendra Modi, who is now in Mysore, to watch the trailer of ‘Mysore’ cinema.

What did Rama say?
Narendra Modi is on tour in Karnataka. He has visited Mysore and advised Rama about what can be done in Mysore. One of those suggestions is to watch the ‘Orchestra Mysore’ trailer. “You need to know the culture of the orchestra in Mysore. You can see the Mysore ‘cinema trailer’ by the talented orchestra of Mysore,” Rama tweeted.

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What is people’s reaction to Rama’s tweet?

  • You have a sense of humor, and if you know that you do well in film promotion, that’s wrong
  • Why would you leave Rahul Gandhi and watch Narendra Modi watch a movie trailer?
  • You do not have Kodseka. Your party janana drove you. If you see someone who works, stomach up. ED your exams for princes have passed, ask how the question paper is

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What did Dali Dhananjaya say?
Dali Dhananjaya, who produced the film, shared this information on social media.
Mysore dream, Mysore theater artists, dreamers, we are coming together again, to cheer you up, to rebuild the lost lives, to bring to life the dreams, to laugh in your face. I wrote all the songs myself. Friend Orchestra Mysuru is produced by Ashwin Vijayakumar, directed by Sunil Mysore, with music by Raghu Dixit, as the hero of Mysore. Be your blessing

Cinema, krgstudios, close to my heart, I dedicate to your lap.

Poornachandra Mysore and Dilip Raj are acting in this movie. The film is directed by Sunil.

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