Naga Chaitanya: ‘I have a lot of respect for Samantha, enough talk about divorce’: Actor Naga Chaitanya

For a few months, wherever Naga Chaitanya and Samantha go, the question about their divorce keeps arising. Sometimes the couple who talk about this, sometimes remain silent. Now speaking in an interview, Naga Chaitanya has said that ‘I have respect for Samantha’.

What has life taught Naga Chaitanya?
Talking about what he learned from personal and professional life, Nagachaitanya said, “Both Samantha and I have clearly drawn a line between personal life and professional life. News is old and new news comes again. Day by day there is something, pay attention to it. Do your job, entertain people with movies.” Naga Chaitanya said.

Samantha is highly respected: Naga Chaitanya

“We both have respect for each other, I have a lot of respect for Samantha. That’s what I say. We will say what we have to do. I’m done talking about this. My three films are ready for release,” said Nagachaitanya.

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What did Samantha say about her ex-husband?
Speaking on ‘Koffee with Karan Season 7’ ​​show, Naga Chaitanya said, “Life was very difficult after the divorce, but now it’s okay. I’m a bit better now. I’m stronger than before. What would it be like if we were put together in a room with sharp objects hidden…? I’m in that zone. Even if we don’t have a good amicable bond between us now, it may be possible one day.”

Will Samantha fall in love again?

Answering the question whether love will be born again, Samantha said, “The way to my heart is now closed. Please take a U-turn.”

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Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are busy in movies
On October 2, Samantha posted on Instagram that she was complaining about Naga Chaitanya. Samantha is doing a movie with star actors. After ‘Love Story’, Naga Chaitanya has not got any hit. But she has acted in Aamir Khan starrer ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ and is hoping that the film will get a good response.

Samantha-Naga Chaitanya marriage ends

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