Naga Chaitanya: Actor Naga Chaitanya was caught by the police while he was with a girl in a car

Actor Naga Chaitanya himself said in an interview that the police stopped his car while he was driving with a girl in Hyderabad. After divorcing Samantha and getting busy in film work, he remembered an old incident.

He is currently busy with the promotion of ‘Lal Singh Chadha’. In an interview, he talked about being caught by the police while driving with a girl in a car.

What is Naga Chaitanya?
“The same thing happened to me too. I was sitting with a girl on the back seat of a car in Hyderabad,” the narrator recalled when the police caught us kissing my lover at a railway station. Then the narrator asked, “Are you scared?” Naga Chaitanya replied, “It doesn’t matter. I know what I was doing there and why I got trapped. This is just a story to tell.”

Naga Chaitanya: ‘I have a lot of respect for Samantha, enough talk about divorce’: Actor Naga Chaitanya

Divorce Samantha
Naga Chaitanya said in an interview that if anything comes in front of Samantha’s eyes, I just laugh. On October 7, 2017, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha got married in front of many celebrities. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya were just days away from celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary when the couple got divorced.

Samantha: Samantha bought the Hyderabad house she shared with her ex-husband

Samantha, how is Naga Chaitanya doing now?
Samantha and Naga Chaitanya were in love and married for years. Talking about her current relationship with Naga Chaitanya, Samantha said, “What would it be like if the two of us were put together in a room where sharp objects were hidden…? Yes, I am in that zone. Even if we don’t have a good amicable bond between us now, it might be possible one day.”

Naga Chaitanya is rumored to be on a date with Shobhita Dhulipala, but there is no clear answer to this.

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