Nabha Natesh: Actress Nabha Natesh recovers from horrific accident; Shock for the fans

Nabha Natesh: Actress Nabha Natesh recovers from horrific accident;  Shock for the fans
Actress Nabha Natesh, who became famous with the movie ‘Vajrakaya’, then made her debut in the Telugu film industry. He had success there too. Everyone thought that she is going to shine as a sought-after actress in the Telugu film industry. But Nabha suddenly moved backstage. Everyone was wondering why Nabha is not doing the movie. Now that is answered. The reason why Nabha Natesh has not done a movie for so many days is an accident! Yes, Nabha had a terrible accident last year. His left shoulder was seriously injured. Nabha Natesh has now shared that idea.

Nabha was hit on the left shoulder
Nabha Natesh shared this idea on his Instagram. He also shared his photo. It is known that there is an injury to his shoulder. ‘I haven’t been seen anywhere much lately. I know, you miss me as much as I miss you.. Last year was very tough for me, I had a bad accident. Then my left shoulder was hit. The shoulder bone was broken. For that, I had to undergo repeated surgeries..’, he wrote.

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I am ready for you..
‘These days I have experienced unimaginable physical and emotional pain. Recovering from the injury and staying away from the film industry for some time was not easy. But the only thing that has given me courage is the love I have received from all of you for all the work I have done so far. I am now fully recovered and stronger than ever. I am happy to share all this with you. Hello 2023.. I am ready for you..’ said Nabha Natesh.

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27-year-old Nabha Natesh is originally from Sringeri. He entered the color world by acting in the movie ‘Vajrakaya’ which was released in 2015 and turned to Telugu cinema in 2018. The first two films he acted in, ‘Nu Dochukunduvate’ and ‘Adugo’ were not very successful. After that, the movie ‘Smart Shankar’ directed by Puri Jagannath changed Nabha’s career. After that he acted in the movies ‘Disco Raja’ with Ravi Teja and ‘Solo Braduke So Better’ with Sai Dharam Teja. ‘Alludu Adhurs’, ‘Maestro’ are two more movies.

Nabha Natesh dressed up as a tribal avatar with flowers and leaves of the forest
Even after a year and a half since the release of ‘Maestro’, the question why Nabha did not appear in the new movie was bothering everyone. An official answer has been received from Nabha Natesh.

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