MP Shankar: Manjula, wife of actor / producer MP Shankar, dies of a heart attack

Popular actor and producer of Kannada film, MP Shankar’s wife Manjula Shankar is deceased. Manjula Shankar dies at heart in Vijayanagar, Mysore. Manjula had a heart attack a few days ago. They were then angiogrammed. It was later learned that bypass surgery was also performed. However, he is due to leave on Tuesday (May 10) without treatment. He was 75 years old.

Kannada cinema dignitaries, friends and relatives have condoled the death of Manjula Shankar. It is reported that Manjula’s funeral was held on Tuesday evening at Virashiva Siddhartha Bhadra in Vidyaranyapura.

MP Shankar is one of the biggest stars of Kannada cinema. He has acted in several villainous roles. Performed excellent supporting roles and was highly acclaimed. MP Shankar’s performance and dancing in the song ‘Kuthayil Kilavadu ..’ in the movie ‘Satya Harishchandra’ can still be forgotten. The song earned him a star image. MP Shankar Cinepriyar’s role in the role of Ayyu in the film ‘Bhoothayayan Makay Ayyu’ and the role of Pailwan in Nagarahau. He had acted in some major films like ‘Shaniprabhavi’, ‘Bangara Man’ and ‘Gandha Gudi’. Dr. Rajkumar, Narasimharaju, Dwarkesh, Dr. He had a close association with some of the most prominent Kannada cinematographers like Vishnuvardhan.

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MP Shankar had a great interest in wildlife and wildlife. As such, he made the ‘Jungle Secret’ cinema which opened in 1969. He later produced jungle cinemas such as the hut, the zoo and the king of the jungle. In 2008, M.P. Shankar died and his art work is still memorable today.

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