Monsoon Raaga: When is the release of ‘Monsoon Raaga’ starring Dolly Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram?

The film team had released a small teaser to say that the trailer of ‘Monsoon Raaga Movie’ starring Dolly Dhananjaya and Rachita Ram is about to be released.

The much awaited movie ‘Monsoon Raaga’ trailer has been released and it will release in theaters across the state on August 19. It is like an emotional musical movie. It is special that actor Dolly Dhananjaya, who is known as ‘Nata Rakshasa’, and ‘Dimple Queen’ Rachita Ram acted together in this movie for the first time.

Talking to the media about the film after the trailer release, Rachita Ram said, “Dolly Dhananjaya is really a monster actor. It was challenging for me to act with him, the dialogues of this film are very good. The whole film is very well done. I have appeared in the role of a sex worker in this film. He has done a neat job. I acted in the movie Pushpaka Vimana, I know how to work in that movie. The same team made this movie, it was a pleasure to work with them again. We shot this movie during the monsoon, but I didn’t know that it will be released during the monsoon. If I listen to the songs of the movie, I will be thrilled. In this, every character has been shown very brilliantly.”

Good news for ‘Dolly’ fans; Dhananjay & Rachita Ram are here to charm on screen

Dolly Dhananjaya said, “The movie turned out very well. I acted with Rachita Ram for the first time. Rachita, who is busy in Sandalwood, acted wonderfully with me. Suhasini, Yasha Shivakumar also appeared in this movie. Please watch this movie. There is no embarrassing scene here. “The whole family can watch this movie sitting down. We shot the movie in the rain all night. We keep talking about Rachita Ram’s eyes. That is also in the movie,” he said.

“Recently I have not shot in any movie like ‘Monsoon Raga’, I hope to make another movie like this. I have a song here, first it was difficult to act in the song, I liked it a lot after the song was shot, it was a lot of fun to act with Suhasini madam. The whole thing. The movie has come out well,” said Achyut Kumar

Yasha Shivakumar: Yasha Shivakumar shined in the music video of the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’

“Rachita Ram has appeared in this film in a never seen before role. Dhananjaya and Rachita Ram are challenging in some scenes. Achyut Kumar is serious but laughs. The combination of Suhasini and Achyut Kumar is amazing. You have seen how Yasha Shivakumar dances in the song ‘Raga Sudha’. , you should see the performance in the movie,” said director S Rabindranath

“80% of the movie was shot in the rain. We don’t just take artists and make the movie, the movie content should be reachable to the people and should be suitable for the role, so we contact anyone to play the role. We shot this movie with care during Corona. The whole movie has turned out very well,” said producer Vikyat.

Actress Suhasini, Shobharaj, Yasha Sivakumar acted in this movie. Guru Kashyap wrote the dialogues of this film, but he is physically absent today. The film has cinematography by SK Rao, music by Anup Seelin.

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