Monsoon Raaga: Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram cast in ‘Monsoon Raaga’

(Harish Basavaraj)

Kannada’s musical movie ‘Monsoon Raaga’ has a bunch of talented artists.

As already seen in the teaser, Dolly Dhananjaya and Rachita Ram are in the lead roles, along with Sandalwood stars and famous artists from South India. The movie is releasing on September 16. According to the director, ‘Monsoon Raga’ is a movie with good characters as per the name.

A hearty character

‘Suhasini for Kannadigas means many roles come before the eyes. Such are the roles played by Suhasini till now. Suhasini is back in Sandalwood after many years with the movie Monsoon Raaga. It can be said that Suhasin played a heartwarming role in ‘Monsoon Raga’. They will meet someone in their life, because of which they will have problems and happiness. We have shown you how. There are many girls like Suhasini around us. It connects them all. If you see her in the movie, you will feel what a good woman she is,’ says director Rabindranath.

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Friendship is important
Achyutkumar’s name is prominent among the leading supporting actors in Kannada cinema. Achyutkumar is also in ‘Monsoon Raga’. There will always be fun acting on their presence. Achyut Kumar’s character is Iljali. They have seen all kinds of people in their life. They trust anyone very quickly. Achyut’s character is constantly meeting and talking to some people every day. Friendship is a big thing for Achyut’s character. In the whole movie, he is happy and keeps those around him happy’ is the words of the director.

Rebel Girl
‘Yasha Shivakumar also acted in the lead role in ‘Monsoon Raga’. Playing bubbly in college, she acted as a rebel girl. It is a character that faces fearlessly no matter what. What happens when love comes in the life of such a girl? We have shown how she deals with it,’ says Rabindranath.

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The characters in the whole movie are good minded. When everything is good, the movie is very good. Along with all of them there are some other new artists in the movie and all of them have acted well.

All the characters including Achyutkumar, Suhasini, Yasha Sivakumar are the highlights of our movie. Every character is full of life. Director Rabindranath said that we have tried to show everyone on screen in a way that has not been seen before

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