Milana Nagaraj: Milana Nagaraj’s look released in ‘Love Birds’

Milana Nagaraj: Milana Nagaraj’s look released in ‘Love Birds’
It was earlier reported that ‘Darling’ Krishna and Milana Nagaraj are acting together in ‘Love Birds’. Now Milana Nagaraj look of that movie has been revealed. Milana is seen as a fashion designer in this movie. Known as the real lovebirds of Sandalwood, ‘Darling’ Krishna – Milana Nagaraj in ‘Love Mocktail’, ‘Love Mocktail 2’, ‘Mr. After ‘Bachelor’ movies, they are acting together in ‘Love Birds’ movie. Already 80 percent shooting is complete. The director is telling a story about relationships in this movie.

Milana in strong bold character
In the movie Lovebirds there is a story about the relationship between husband and wife. We have told you how to make marriage beautiful. Milana Nagaraj is seen as a fashion designer. She is an independent young woman who has appeared in a strong bold character. They are focused in their career and life. Director PC Shekhar said that Milana is a role that has not been seen till now.

‘Darling’ is another movie of Krishna & Milana Jodi; On January 6, ‘Mr. Bachelor’ release
A representative of women who are independent
The story is the main reason for the acceptance of Lovebirds movie. The director has done everything very neatly. I acted in this film as a representative of women who are very stylish and independent. I believe that people will like me and Krishna. Milana Nagaraj’s words are that this movie tells about how important husband-wife relationship is in life and how life would be if we make it beautiful.

Milana Nagaraj with Anish Tejeshwar in ‘Aaram Aravind Swamy’
Shekhar, who has completed 80% of the shooting, said that two more days of patch work is pending. Along with this, they are doing post production work. Shakti Shekhar is doing the cinematography for this film. Rajasekhar is the art director. Both of them have worked in the advertising field for many years.

Darling Krishna started ‘Love Mocktail’ with the salary of ‘Mr Bachelor’
Milana’s role in ‘Love Birds’ is very good. The look is also new, Dhruv Sarja, Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar, Golden Star Ganesh are launching the first look.
-PC Shekhar, Director

The story of ‘Love Birds’ is very special. I played the role of an independent woman in this and many women can be seen through this role. The director has shot very richly.
-Milan Nagaraj, actress

‘Dil Pasand has entertainment along with family sentiment…’- Actress Milana Nagaraj

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