Men are like Maggi.. in 2 minutes! Regina trolled by telling a double meaning joke

Celebrities getting trolled is nothing new. Some people get trolled because of what they wear, but many people get trolled because of their sarcastic words. Actress Regina Cassandra, who is also brilliant in Kannada, has now become a troll on social media after making a double meaning joke.

During the promotion…
Regina Cassandra and Nivedita Thomas are acting in the new movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ directed by Sudhir Verma. Regina Cassandra and Nivedita Thomas, who are currently busy with the promotional events of the movie, are also giving interviews to the media.

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Recently, Regina Cassandra gave an interview. In it, Regina Cassandra made a double meaning joke about men’s sexual prowess.

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A double meaning joke
Comparing men’s sexual prowess to Maggie, Regina Cassandra said, “I know a joke about boys,” and looked back and forth to speak. After thinking for a few seconds, Regina Cassandra said, “Men are like the Magi..they will speak in two minutes.” Hearing this joke of Regina Cassandra, Nivedita Thomas, who was sitting next to her, burst out laughing. Due to this double meaning joke, Regina Cassandra has become a food for trolls on social media.

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Midnight Runners
The movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ is inspired by the story of the Korean movie ‘Midnight Runners’. The story of the movie is about how two students in the police academy track down a gang involved in human trafficking. This Korean film released in 2017 had two leads. Now there are two heroines in the movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’. Meanwhile, the movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ will release on September 16.

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Regina Cassandra
Regina Cassandra was born on 13 December 1990 in Chennai. In 2005, Regina Cassandra entered the world of color through Tamil cinema. In movies like Kannada ‘Suryakanti’, Tamil ‘Nirnayam’, ‘Ra Ra Krishnayya’, ‘Power’, ‘Soukyam’, ‘Shaurya’, ‘Shankara’, ‘Mr Chandramouli’, ‘Evaru’, ‘Chakra’, ‘Thalaivi’ Starring Regina Cassandra.

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