MBBS boy Praveen is the hero of ‘Love Mocktail’ actress Rachana Inder

Directed by Shashank, director of wonderful love story films like ‘buddy mind’ and ‘Krishnan love story’, ‘Love 360’. The trailer of the film has been released recently and has received a lot of acclaim. The film was hosted by a press conference to share this happiness.

“It’s good to see you after a long time. After three years I will be directing the film after ‘Motheri Thakka Maga’. It was a story that was ready during the lockdown. “I have been working with newcomers for almost a year now. I am introducing a new talent called Praveen to the film industry. Praveen and his family are doctors.

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“Praveen, who has read MBBS, is very interested in acting. His mother told me that he would do the production too. But since he did not have enough money, our Shashank Cinemas company had also joined hands to produce it. The film’s heroine, Gopal Deshpande, Danny Kuttappa, and many other artists including Abhishek Kallathi and Arjun Janya’s music have won the hearts of the listeners. “Director Shashank said.

“I have been interested in acting since I was an MBBS student. I came to the Film Institute three days a month and studied acting. Dad wanted to learn. She was acting, teaching and preparing for the film.

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“I had acted in ‘Love Mocktail’, but this was the first film to be a full-fledged heroine. When I auditioned for the film, Mumma jade and junkie took me. I didn’t want to be. The director gave a performance through the workshop and the role was very good.

Gopal Deshpande, Danny Kuttappa and Kavya Shastri spoke about their role, cinematographer Abhishek Kallatti and Moss Modi spoke about the director of the adventure.

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