‘May the film ‘Remo’ also become a big hit like the movie Kantara..” said Shivanna

The trailer of Raymo Kannada Movie directed by Pawan Wodeyar and starring Ishaan and Ashika Ranganath has been released. ‘Karunada Chakraborty’ Dr. Shivarajkumar has released the trailer of the movie ‘Raymo’. C. R. Manohar has invested in this movie. Launching the trailer, Shivanna wished that ‘Raymo’ will also become a big hit like Kantara.

The film industry needs producers like Manohar
‘Kannada cinema is no less. Now ‘Kantara’ film is a pride for all of us. I called Rishabh Shetty after seeing the trailer and song of that film. I have not been able to see that movie either. See you soon. I pray to God that ‘Raymo’ also becomes a super hit like Kantara. Ishaan and Aashika are looking cute. The same cannot be said about director Pawan Wodeyar. Very good director. CR Kannada cinema needs producers like Manohar. He is like a member of our family,’ said Shivarajkumar.

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Arjun Janya is the hero behind the scenes
Sharing information about the film, director Pawan Wodeyar said, ‘There are many types of love. Out of which I chose a musical love story. There is also emotion in this film. Vaidi’s cinematography and Arjun Janya’s music direction make the film more beautiful. While Ishaan is an on-screen hero, Arjun Janya is a behind-the-scenes hero. All the actors including Ishaan and Ashika Ranganath have performed well. Thanks to Sivarajkumar for releasing the trailer.

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Shivanna is my inspiration

It has been 3 years since the work of this movie started. Now it has reached the release stage. It was Shivanna who asked me to enter the film industry. We are happy that the trailer of our film has been released by him today. Our film will release on November 25. Shivanna said that she will watch our film that day. He is my inspiration. I can do any number of movies. But the film ‘Raymo’ will always be close to my heart,” said actor Ishaan.

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‘You have seen me in the role of a cute girl for so long. But the character in this movie is different. This is the best role I have done so far. I got a role that is equal to the hero. Thanks to director Pawan Wodeyar for selecting me for it’ said actress Ashika Ranganath.

Pawan Wodeyar’s wife Apeksha Purohit has designed the costumes for the film. Music Direction by Arjun Janya, Choreography by Imran Sardaria, Cinematography by Vaidi, K.M. Compiled by Prakash, P. Gunasekaran has the art direction for the film ‘Raymo’.

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