Martin: Bitter news for Dhruva Sarja fans; ‘Martin’ movie release date postponed!

‘Action Prince’ Dhruv Sarja’s movie ‘Martin’ is highly anticipated by his fans. The fact that this movie is releasing in multiple languages ​​has created more expectations. The film team had earlier said that the movie ‘Martin’ will hit the screens on September 30. The film team worked continuously for that. But now there is a bitter news. That is, ‘Martin’ is not being released on September 30! What is the reason for that? Read on.

Director A.P. What did Arjun say?
Earlier it was decided to release this film on September 30. All kinds of preparations were made for it, but Lakshmidevamma, who is Arjun Sarja’s mother and Dhruva Sarja’s grandmother, was undergoing treatment in the hospital for a few days before her death. Dhruv Sarja, who was anxious at that time, could not attend the shoot of the pending climax portion. The team is all set to shoot that part which was supposed to be shot for 10-12 days. Also, the film is not able to be released on the expected date due to some pending post-production work, we will inform you about the next date soon,’ said director A.P. Arjun said.

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Uday K. under the Vasavi Enterprises banner. Dhruva Sarja has Vaibhavi Shandilya as the heroine in this movie produced by Mehta. A.P. after ‘Adduri’. This is the 2nd film coming up in Arjun and Dhruva Sarja combination.

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The shooting of the climax will take place for about 15 days and the chase scenes will be done by Ravi Varma. Action scenes are composed by Ram-Laxman. Dhruv Sarja and heroines Vaibhavi Shandilya, Anveshi Jain, Nikitin Dhir will be in it. After this we will start shooting the songs. Director Arjun informs us that we have planned differently one set song, another abroad.

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Dhruva Sarja appeared in a different role in the movie ‘Martin’, this movie will be released in five languages ​​including Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. Filming has been done in the beautiful locations of Kashmir, North India. The film was shot in Kashmir for 16 days, including ice war action scenes in Kashmir, exciting skating action scenes, along with dialogue. Renowned Telugu music director Manisharma has composed the music for this film. The film has cinematography by Satya Hegde and editing by Mahesh Reddy.

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