manasi sudhir: audio rights sale before shooting begins; This is the magic of ‘Jugal Bandi’ – yash shetty manasi sudhir starrer jugalbandi other movie launched


  • Newcomer Jugal Bandi Movie
  • The film’s audio rights say before the shooting
  • This is a movie starring Yas Shetty and Manasi Sudheer

Bezan Demand is a common creation before the star-studded films are set. Producer Safe Anno is a pre-release business. But, is it possible for newcomers to get into business? Yes, this is another team. ‘Jugal Bandi’ is a newcomer film. The audio rights of the film have been sold out before the shooting of the film.

Divakar Dindima, a new talent action-cutJugal landed‘Cinema’s Audio Rights is Sail for a Better Amount. Divakar Dindima is also the producer for this movie! Yash Shetty, Santosh Ashrai, Ashwin Rao Pallakki, and many more Archangel Crib, Manasi Sudhir Such as were involved.

Jugal Bandi, which has a thriller subject, is composed by Pradyotan. Rao will do photography. The first look at the release has doubled the expectation of cinema. The shooting of ‘Jugal Bandi’ will start from November 22. Yash Shetty, who has previously starred in films like ‘Sujidara’, ‘Salaga’ and ‘Ek Love Ya’, will be seen as a hero. Ashwin Rao Pallakki is also in the lead. She is acting as a heroine in the crib.

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Actress Manasi Sudhir, who has created Sensation on social media, is all set to paint the film. She will be playing the mother in the film. She says, ‘I’m basically a dresser. When the directors told the story, I was very impressed. But, there was no Dates Adjustment Agta. I prayed to God that this movie would be Kaithapadri. Looks like I had the luck of acting in this movie. So, I’m here today. The introduction of a new family from this film. I had seen this former ‘Assistant Director’ of the Directors. It was very good, ‘says Manasi.

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jugal bandi movie

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