Malashree’s daughter Radhana Ram makes a grand entry into Sandalwood

Actress Malashree is famous as ‘Queen of Dreams’ in Kannada film industry. She was the ‘Lady Super Star’ who literally ruled the film industry in the 90s. Malashree, who entered the color world as a child actress, has completed 43 years in the film industry. They are still in strong demand. Now his daughter Radhana Ram has also entered Sandalwood. That is Rockline Venkatesh’s Rockline Productions. Yes, Radhana Ram has been roped in for a big budget film produced by Rockline Venkatesh. The muhurta for the movie is also live on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi festival.

Ananya is now Radhana Ram
Malashree Putri’s original name is Ananya. Everyone at home affectionately calls her Ani. But now she has entered the color world and has changed her name to Radhana Ram. He is very excited to be entering the Kannada film industry through a big banner. ‘I am still in shock…’ he says.

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My father guided me
‘I have completed BBA. I have done acting and dancing. I am lucky that my parents are from the film industry. Dad guided me a lot. Film industry should be taken seriously. You have to work hard here. Dad kept saying that if you have difficulty, you will get success. I am acting in the movie in the combination of Tarun Sudhir sir and Darshan sir. I have seen his previous movie ‘Robert’. I thought I should come to the shoot with a lot of preparation,’ says Radhana Ram.

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What did Malashri say about his daughter?
“I am very happy that my daughter Rockline is launching under Venkatesh’s banner. This is no small matter. For a first time entrant into the film industry, it is indeed a stroke of luck. I am also very happy. I have seen Tarun’s work. He has made a good movie. Tarun is a very friendly person. Earlier Rockline Venkatesh had said, ‘Don’t tell your daughter now…’. So, I told her about being selected for this movie as a surprise. Even then she was very shocked,’ says Malashree.

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‘I decided to introduce my daughter to the film industry after promising her. She should be her. It should not be my type. I was raised by Kannadigas. They accepted me in all roles. Now Kannada audience should bless my daughter too. “We changed the name to Radhana Ram to have a unique name,” Malashri said.

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