Kushee Ravi: Ravi Khushi, Vivek The Lion Acting ‘Spooky College’

The teaser of the film ‘Spooky College’ directed by young director Bharat Ji has been released via Music. The Hon. Prakashanathaswamiji released and blessed.

The poster, First Look, has been quite intriguing since the film’s inception. Now that the teaser has been released, the curiosity about the film is further enhanced. There is already a large number of teaser watching. Many celebrities including actor Dolly Dhananjay tweeted about the teaser. ‘Spooky’ means fear. Directors have made an analysis of the word ‘spooky’ for those who have seen the teaser.

In the past, the teaser of the film has been heard by the audience as the blockbuster hit films like ‘Na ninna bidalare’ and ‘Apthamithra’ are not in the audience. The highlight of the film is the ghosts in college.

Popular actress to make entry to ‘Spooky College’; Here are the color photos from the movie

The shooting stage has reached its conclusion. More than a hundred years old Dharavada college and most of the Dandeli forest have been shot. The post-production work is furious. ‘Spooky College’ is coming before you.

Sharanya Shetty, a hardcore serial actress who joined ‘Spooky College’

The film was produced by HK Prakash, producer of ‘Rangitaranga’ and ‘Avane Sreemannarayana’. Story, screenplay and dialogue are written by director Bharat Avere. The film is compiled by Manohar Joshi Photography, Ajaneesh Lokanath Music Direction, Vishwas Kashyap Art Direction and Srikanth (KGF).

Vivek Simha of the Premier Padmini fame is the leader of Spooky College. Kushee Ravi is the heroine known by ‘Diya’. Popular artists such as Ajay Prithvi, Hanumanthe Gowda, KS Sridhar, Vijay Chendoor, Saranya Shetty, Raghu Ramanakoppa and ‘Comedy Kiladikal’ have acted in the film.

Actor Dixit Shetty, who later got a chance in cinema in ‘Dia’

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