Kiran Raj: The ‘Buddy’s’ climax at the theater cannot be brought back without tears: Actor Kiran Raj

(Harish Basavaraj)
Drawing attention from his varied style of promotion and posters, ‘Buddy’s’ starred Kannadathi as Kiran Raj. Kiran has said that this is the best subject for me to start my film career.

Directed by Guru Tej Shetty, the film was produced by Bharati Shetty, a resident of Dubai. Buddy’s, as the name suggests, is a movie about friendship. But there are many facets of this film, along with friendship, ”says Kiran Raj.

“I played Amit as a college boy in this movie. It is a movie with friendship, suspense thriller and so on. There is ample opportunity for my performance and the character is great. I am justified by the role the directors have given me, ”said Kiran.

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“I am familiar with many people through serial. I have become close to people through serials with the intention of making good movies. My point is that people get connected if they have a face. ‘Buddy’s’ is a team that has always favored cinema. Producer Bharti Shetty has also given the script what it needs. Seeing all this made me want to work with such a team. Amit’s character will be loved by all who watch the film, ‘says Kiran Raj.

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‘Buddy’s is everything in cinema. The cinema, which starts off as a joke at the beginning, changes step by step. I don’t think this is the case for any audience. My point is that you can’t get out of tears at the climax. There are wonderful emotional scenes in cinema, ”says Kiran Raj.

Kiran Raj said, “Buddy’s was a new kind of script for me. The directors have done well.

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