Kiran Raj: ‘Buddy’s’ is a promotional vehicle; Kiran Raj team in danger

Actor Kiran Raj is busy promoting Buddies Movie. Thus they were visiting every district. The vehicle that was ready for publicity during a visit to a college in Belgaum is an electric pole.

What’s up?
Kiran Raj had been traveling for about a year in a vehicle prepared for publicity. After visiting one college in Belgaum, I had to visit another college. Thus that promotional vehicle went first. Then Kiran Raj got out of his promotional vehicle and got into his car. Campaigners parked their vehicle for tea and dropped it. The pole had fallen on that vehicle. The front of the vehicle is Full Jakham.

More information provided by Kiran Raj
Actor Kiran Raj told Vijay Karnataka website: “When the pole fell, there was no one inside the vehicle. There was no danger.

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What did Kiran Raj say on social media?

“Hi everyone, today is going to college. Maybe it was a bit of a sight. So we had to change our plan at the last minute because of this unexpected event. “Don’t miss all of them. Meet MaddiVei. Kindly apologize. May your love and confidence be on us. Don’t miss it.

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‘Buddy’s’ Release
This is the same movie, Buddies, which emphasizes friendship. Releasing on the 24th. Kiran has Siri Prahlad as the heroine. Idige Shetty wrote and directed the story, screenplay, dialogues and songs for ‘Buddy’s’. Kiran Raj is also starring in ‘Kannada’ series along with movies.

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