Kiccha Sudeep: These videos are proof of Kiccha Sudeep’s simplicity and heart!

Abhina Chakraborty Kiccha Sudeep’s movie ‘Vikrant Rona’ has been released and it is showing great performance. The audience is clean bowled by Kichcha Sudeep’s acting. There is a ‘Vikrant Rona’ vibe everywhere.

Tell me.. Kiccha Sudeep is the most popular star hero of Kannada cinema. Abhinaya Chakraborty Kiccha Sudeep has a huge fan base. Kichcha Sudeep has a huge fan following not only in Karnataka but also in every corner of India and abroad.

Here is a testimony to the simplicity and heartiness of Kichcha Sudeep who has been active in the film industry for decades.

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Kichcha Sudeep fulfilled the boy’s wish
A little boy named Ajaan Khan was suffering from heart disease. He is a true fan of Kiccha Sudeep. Azaan Khan wanted to meet Kiccha Sudeep. After learning about the boy’s wish and health problem, Kichcha Sudeep met Ajaan Khan and his family members. The video of Azaan Khan and Kiccha Sudeep’s meeting has gone viral on social media.

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“Fans are grateful for the work of Ronan, who is kind-hearted. Kiccha Sudeep who melted to the admiration of his fans. Sudeep fulfilled the wish of Ajaan Khan who was suffering from heart problem. Kichcha Kiran tweeted that the boy was suffering from heart disease and wanted to see Sudeep. He also shared a video.

Kiccha Sudeep took a photo with the auto driver
Kichcha Sudeep was going in his car. At this time, Kiccha Sudeep noticed a sticker on the back of the car saying ‘Crazy love is over Kiccha’. Kiccha Sudeep clicked the photo after calling the auto driver at the signal.

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That auto driver who was a crazy fan of Kiccha Sudeep is also very happy. Kiccha Sudeep, who is seen with the admiration of his fans, is being greeted by fans on social media.

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