kgf garuda ram: Deccan King, which operates 6 movies simultaneously; Significant role for ‘Garuda’ Ram – Deccan king movie production banner


  • Declaration of six movies simultaneously by Deccan King
  • Preparing for multilingual cinema including Kannada
  • Title of 4 movies revealed in six films

Usually we see one or two movies being announced simultaneously. However, one production company has announced six films simultaneously, including the title of four. So what is that agency? ‘Deccan King’! Yes, Biju Sivanand is responsible for the production of six cinemas under this organization. Many of the dignitaries were present at the title event.

The banner has been nominated for four of the six films – ‘Samarth’, ‘Mangalore’, ‘Stambhan’ and ‘Suriyagiri’ on 29 February. The movie ‘Samarth’ is titled ‘Vedadri’ in Tamil. Raja Venkaiah is directing the film. Praveer Shetty in Kannada and Sonal Monteiro is acting on the mainland. Also, Kishore and Esther Narona star in Tamil. Pavithra Lokesh, Pratap Pothan, Avinash, Sandeep Malani will star in both Kannada and Tamil versions. Karthik Subramaniam will do the film and Bharadwaj will direct the music.

Garuda Ram of KGF fame in the pillar
He is also an actor of the KGF fame in the banner ‘Sthambham’ Garuda Ram He’s going to paint the lead role. Sandeep Sherawat will be the hero. New artists Aaliya and Rakshit have been given the opportunity. Sandeep Malani will direct another movie ‘Mangalore’. The film has to go through another selection process. The film will be released in Konkani, Tulu and Bari languages ​​along with Kannada. The film crew claims to give coastal talent a chance. Another film of Deccan King is titled ‘Suriyagiri’ on 29th February. It is also a bilingual film and will be produced in Kannada and Tamil. Praveer Shetty, Gokul Shivanand, Esther Norana, Pragathi and Sandeep Malani

‘KGF’ fame for actor Garuda Ram

Many dignitaries from the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce were present at the event to wish the Deccan King good luck. Board President Jairaj felicitated. In addition, Umesh Banakar instructed most of the film crew to learn Kannada quickly. Senior actor Avinash was present at the event.

Deccan King Banner

Garuda Ram, Anil in Madagaja Cinema!

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