‘KGF 2’ crew at ‘Veeresh’ movie theater in Bangalore

Bangalore: Rocking star Yash, starring Srinidhi Shetty and Prashanth Neel’s directorial ‘KGF Chapter 2’ were seen by fans at midnight. However, KGF 1 is being broadcast for 20 minutes due to the stupidity of the staff at the Veeresh Movie Theaters in Bangalore. But the KGF2 film is not even aired for 1 hour. This was the show that was supposed to take place at 6am today.

Chapter 2 (KGF 2) is the release of KGF Chapter 1 in Veeresh Movie Theaters in Bangalore. The staff has been awkward. The KGF Chapter 1 is broadcast for 20 minutes. The KGF Chapter 2 as a License Issue is late. Staff were appealing to the audience that the technical issue was over. The audience is playing the game with the feeling of Yash fans, all the problem solved, the cinema needs to be aired. The audience was so upset that the film had not started for an hour. Viresh Theater is upset at Screen 2. The KGF Chapter 2, which was supposed to start at 6 am, caused much fanfare. This makes the audience annoyed. If you come in the middle of the night to give ‘Duddy’ and ‘KGF 2’, the audience will be happy.

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‘KGF 2’ has been aired since then. It was then that the audience came to see the movie in peace. There is a huge demand to watch ‘KGF 2’ and even in Single Screen in Bangalore you have to pay Rs 300 for 1 ticket. With so much effort coming to the cinema to watch the movie, KGF Chapter 1, instead of ‘KGF 2’, aired on the audience. Even in that, sleeping, quitting all work, the fans turned to face the theater.

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The movie started at midnight, and there was a lot of applause and whistling in the theater. Yash cutout at height, decorated with garlands. Fans were greeted with ‘KGF2’ by fireworks. Many other celebrities have also watched the movie with the masses.

In addition to Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon and Ramesh Rao also star.

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