Kantara Movie: Fans are bored after seeing ‘Kantara’ in OTT!

Everyone knows how Rishabh Shetty starrer ‘Kantara’ has done worldwide. This movie which has shown good performance in theaters has now been released in OTT as well. ‘Kantara’ is released on Amazon Prime Video from November 24. But only one aspect has made the cinephiles sad. What’s boring anyway? The song ‘Varaha Roopam..’ was famous in the climax of the movie ‘Kantara’. Now that song has been removed from the OTT version of Kantara. A different song is used. This made the viewers bored.

The campaign began
The song ‘Varaha Rupam..’ was like the soul of the movie ‘Kantara’. Netizens have started a campaign to reuse it. #BringbackVarahaRoopam Using the hashtag, is trending on Twitter. ‘Varaha Rupam.. If there is no song, Kantara is not Kantara at all. Without that song, the core of it would not be good. A netizen tweeted, “Want, want, ‘Varaha Rupam..’ song.” ‘One song does not make a movie. But that one song completes the entire movie. Please reuse Varaha Rupam song..,” tweeted another.

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What is the controversy?
The similarity between Varaha Roopam and Navarasam songs is a clear violation of copyright law. We will take legal action against this. Kantara team has not given us any credit regarding the rights of the song, they are promoting this song as their own creation. The team of ‘Taikkudam Bridge’ said that we need your support for our struggle and also help all the musicians to keep the music right. In addition, the law had descended into war.

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Then the Principal District and Sessions Court of Kerala ordered that ‘Varaha Rupam’ song cannot be used without the permission of ‘Taikkudam Bridge’ music band. Now Amazon Prime Video has dropped the Varaham Roopam song in OTT and added a different song. The ‘Taikkudam Bridge’ music band has also posted about this and claimed that this is a victory for us.

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What did Ajaneesh say?
Commenting on this, the music director of Kantara movie Ajanish Loknath said, ‘We have not stolen any tune. We have used the same type of tunes, that style. But the composition is completely different. Both are different songs. Sometimes we use rough songs for reference. Then we will check the tempo. But I do not agree that it is a copy’.

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