Kantara: ‘Kantara 2’ is coming: Digant gave up the secret!

Actor and director Rishabh Shetty had said just a few days ago that there are many sub-stories in the story of the movie Kantara. Has Rishabh Shetty started ‘Kantara 2’ with such a sub-story now? The reason why such a question is raised in the mind of the fans is the statement given by Digant..!

What did Digant say?
Had everything gone according to plan, Diganth and Rishabh Shetty would have shared the screen in ‘Bachelor Party’. Rishabh Shetty has come out of the movie ‘Bachelor Party’. Actor Diganth has revealed that the reason for this is the movie ‘Kantara 2’.

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Actor Diganth, who has spoken in an interview recently, said that Rishabh Shetty is doing ‘Kantara 2’. Therefore, we are looking for a re-placement for his role in the movie ‘Bachelor Party’. So, is Rishabh Shetty busy writing the script for ‘Kantara 2’? An official clarification is needed from Rishabh Shetty on this question.

Rishabh Shetty gave the hint
While making ‘Kantara’, I had no idea about the sequel. There are many subplots in the script of ‘Kantara’. Those subplots can be explored further. Rishabh Shetty hinted that a prequel can also be planned for ‘Kantara’.

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The movie ‘Kantara’ is moving ahead with a huge collection
The movie ‘Kantara’ directed by Rishabh Shetty has been appreciated by the audience. The movie ‘Kantara’, which is based on the tradition of Tulu Nadi, Sampradaya Daiva Kola, has received a good response in foreign languages ​​as well. So far the movie ‘Kantara’ has collected more than 400 crore rupees. ‘Kantara’ has broken many records at the box office.

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‘Kantara’ to be released in Tulu language
The movie ‘Kantara’ will be released in Tulu language as well. Recently the trailer of Tulu language ‘Kantara’ was released. Kantara will hit the screens in Tulu on December 2.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Achyut Kumar, Kishore, Naveen D Padil etc. have acted in the movie ‘Kantara’ produced by Vijay Kirgandur.

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