Kantara: Kannada movie ‘Kantara’ qualified for two categories of Oscars

Kantara: Kannada movie ‘Kantara’ qualified for two categories of Oscars
Rishabh Shetty’s ‘Kantara’ has set records at the box office. Now ‘Kantara’ is on the verge of breaking another new record. Yes, the movie ‘Kantara’ has entered the prestigious Oscar race. Hombale Films, the producer of this movie, shared this idea on Twitter. ‘We are delighted to share that Kantara has qualified for two Oscars,’ said Hombale Films.

What did Hombale Films say?
We are very happy to share that Kantara has been nominated for two Oscars. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us. We look forward to sharing this journey with all of your support. We are all anxious to see the moment Kantara shines at the Oscars. Rishabh Shetty also tweeted about this.

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Pan India Movie ‘Kantara’
The movie ‘Kantara’, which was released on September 30, was first released in Kannada. After that, the movie ‘Kantara’ was dubbed into Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Tulu languages ​​within a few days due to the increased demand for the movie. On Friday, October 14, the film ‘Kantara’ opened in Hindi. It is a record that the Hindi version of the movie ‘Kantara’ was screened in more than 2500 screens in various places including Mumbai.

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This movie has made profit in all the dubbed languages. The movie was released in OTT after 50 days of opening. Even after that, this movie is being screened in theaters. A hundred days had passed recently.

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In the movie ‘Kantara’, there are many things about people’s belief in ghosts and forest encroachment. Folk-style worship of the deity is brilliantly shown. In this movie, Rishabh Shetty will be seen in the role of Shiva, while actress Saptami Gowda will play the role of Leela. Many artists including Kishore, Achyut Kumar, Pramod Shetty, Deepak Rai, Manasi Sudhir have painted in this movie. Ajanish Loknath is the music director and Arvind Kashyap is the cinematographer.

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