Kantara: ‘Kannada is my identity, the angry young man in me came out in ‘Kantara”: Rishabh Shetty

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After the blockbuster movie ‘Kantara’, actor and director Rishabh Shetty became popular all over the country and the magic of ‘Kantara’ continues all over the country. Kollywood, Bollywood dignitaries and prominent politicians who saw this movie met Rishabh and expressed their appreciation. In such situations, he says that he will continue in Kannada cinema wherever he goes.

Recently, Rishab Shetty, who participated as a guest at the Goa International Film Festival, said that Kannada cinema is my first priority there as well. He also thanked the people for the response to the local story movie. “I think regional stories reach more people. Kantara started writing the story of the movie during Covid. The first draft of the story was the story of the agricultural land. Then it became a fight between Murali and Shiva. Later it became a story between man and nature. I have grown up looking at Kambal and daivaradhana from a young age. I also learned Yakshagana. I wanted to include all these in the story of this movie. All these came in as the story unfolded,’ said Rishabh Shetty.

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After the movie Bell Bottom, comedy roles started coming to me. I felt that if I continue like this, I will remain a comedian till the end. Then angry young man shade was given to the character of Shiva. There was an angry young man inside me too. He just came out through this movie. India is an agriculture based country. Everything has a connection with nature. As I was about to show some of the rituals of the coastal area, I came to know that there are many such rituals in different parts of the country. When he met Goa CM Pramod Sawant, he said that there is Veerbhadra culture. There is a celebration called Veerasamy in Tamil Nadu. Thus in many states there are rituals of worshiping nature as God. For this reason, I thought Kantara movie will connect to the whole country. It came true,’ he said.

“When writing stories, we have to be ourselves and if they are connected to our source, people will definitely like them. I love to tell the stories of our roots, our soil. Anyone who wants to tell such stories will have my cooperation. I have already had a couple of such stories in my production house. We should think about what is in our origin, what our ancestors used to do and make a story. In addition, all language boundaries should be crossed’ said Rishabh Shetty.

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Kannada is my identity
Expressing his love for Kannada on this occasion, Rishabh Shetty said, ‘I got the love of people from different parts of the country through the movie Kantara. But Kannada language and Karnataka are my identity. I always like to do only Kannada movies. If the work is good then surely it will reach everyone and cross the language barrier. I like to do more films of my language and culture.’

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