Kannada movies are making noise through songs; Here is information about trending songs

Songs are usually the first invitation to a movie. If the songs become a hit, the audience has an expectation on the movie. We have before our eyes the example of many movies winning with songs. At present some Kannada movies are making a lot of noise due to their songs. Here is information about such trending songs.

‘Rakkamma..’ charm
It is no mistake that the song ‘Ra Ra Rakkamma..’ gave a huge boost to Kichcha Sudeep’s film ‘Vikrant Rona’. The song ‘Rakkamma..’ has become a huge hit on social media and has received millions of views. Currently everyone is waiting for the video song of this song. The opener ‘Vikrant Rona’ has also got a great opening.

The sound of ‘Banaras’ song

Zaid Khan starrer ‘Banaras’ is also mesmerizing with the song itself. Two songs of this film have already been released. Just as the song ‘Mayagange..’ was charming, the song ‘Hennu Hadeyalu Bedi..’ also increased the expectations of the film. Another hit album is sure to come from music director Ajanish Loknath.

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Sid Sriram said ‘You are the world.’
New talent Praveen and Rachana Inder starrer ‘Love 360’ is releasing on August 19. This movie got huge publicity from the song ‘Jagave Thu Gadikaye…’. This song is sung by Sid Sriram and music is composed by Arjun Janya. Everyone is humming this song.

Gaalipata 2: After listening to the oil song of the movie ‘Gaalipata 2’, actor Ganesh said, ‘Iden sir.. like this..’
‘Monsoon Raga’ sounds from the theme music
Dhananjay, Achyut Kumar and Rachita Ram starrer ‘Monsoon Raaga’ will hit the screens on August 19. The theme song of this movie ‘Raga Sudha..’ is very charming. Now the song ‘Mudda Murthy..’ featuring Achyut Kumar is also good.

Vikrant Rona 2nd Song: The second song of ‘Vikrant Rona’ movie ‘Rajkumari’ is released
The charm of the song ‘Galipata 2’
‘Galipat 2’ starring ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh, Diganth and Pawan Kumar is all set to hit the screens on August 12. Arjun Janya has given the music for this film and the songs ‘Nanadada Matellava..’, ‘Neenu Bagheharida Songu..’ are well liked by the listeners.

‘Vikrant Rona’: Hold a bottle and see ‘Gadang Rakkamma’!
Sworn ‘disciples of Guru’
Sharan and Nishvika combination’s song ‘Aane Madi Helutheeni..’ from the movie ‘Guru Shishyaru’ is also trending strongly on social media. The release date of this movie is yet to be announced. Ajanish Loknath himself has composed the music for this film.

It is not wrong to say that Ajanish Loknath and Arjun Janya are the trending music directors at present.

Sudeep’s biggest fan is Aashika who brings life to the voice of ‘Rakkamma’

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