Kabzaa: A great gift for Upendra’s birthday; ‘Real Star’ Fans Fida for ‘Kabja’ Teaser

Today (September 18) is a special day for ‘Real Star’ Upendra fans. Because today is Uppi’s birthday. In addition, some gifts have been given to the fans. The most important thing is the teaser of the movie ‘Kabja’. One of the big budget movies of Upendra’s career, ‘Kabja’ has a lot of expectations. R. Uppi has teamed up with Chandru for the third time and the current ‘Kabja’ teaser is making a lot of noise.

7 million views
The movie ‘Kabja’ is going to be released in multiple languages ​​and already the teaser of the movie ‘Kabja’ has more than 70 lakh views. R. The movie ‘Kabja’ directed by Chandru is more focused on the making itself. Chandru has shined by making things that have never been done before in his career. This movie also features ‘Kiccha’ Sudeep in an important role and he is also in the teaser. The cinematographer of the film is A.J. Shetty, music director Ravi Basruru and art director Sivakumar have received a lot of praise for their work.

Upendra: Special gift from ‘Kabja’ team for ‘Real Star’ Upendra’s birthday
The movie ‘Kabja’ will be released in 9 languages. After ‘KGF’, this movie produced at a huge cost has Upendra with Shreya Saran as the female lead. R. Chandru, who has already completed the shoot, gave this teaser as a gift to Upendra on his birthday. All the shooting is over and only one song is left to shoot.

Big making for ‘Kabja’: R. Chandru prepares for release in seven languages
Those who have already seen the teaser are hearing that ‘Kabja’ is a movie that will once again take Kannada cinema to the world level in terms of its story and making. It is the story of the pre-independence underworld. In total, Chandru has shot for more than 140 days for this movie. Huge sets of hockey have been shot in many major cities including Bangalore, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad. Famous artists from Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema have acted in this movie.

Upendra: Telugu Posani Krishna Murali, Murali Sharma entered the arena of Upendra.
We are going to release this movie soon. But Part 2 is coming. I don’t know how many parts will come next. The making of the movie gave me great joy. Although it cost a lot, the work was satisfactory. I have done a lot of research on the story. Nothing will be said about the content,’ says R. the moon

Kabza: ‘Kabza’ teaser released on Upendra’s birthday; ‘Kiccha’ Sudeep talked about the film

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