I will give you some good news soon: ‘Galipata’, ‘Martin’ movie Bedagi Vaibhavi Shandilya

In ‘Galipata 2’, Vaibhavi Shandilya, the character of Shweta, is attracting attention among talented artists like Ananth Nag, Ganesh, Diganth, Rangayana Raghu. Vaibhavi, who is seen as the female lead in Golden Star Ganesh, is originally from Marathi.

Vaibhavi, who had already appeared in a few Marathi and Telugu films, made her Kannada entry a few years ago with ‘Raj-Vishnu’. Now he is back with the movie Kite 2. Not only that, he has impressed the audience with his performance and beauty.

Shweta’s role is a very different role in her career, says Vaibhavi, ‘I talk a lot in real life. But, in this film, I have the opposite role. There is less talk here. Not only that, my character is mature as well as emotional. So, the role of Shweta was very difficult for me. However, the role was played with the help of the entire film crew. Especially the climax scenes were really challenging to shoot. Taking such a big risk and acting has paid off. Seeing people’s love makes me happy,’ says Vaibhavi.

Gorgeous Shandilya in a bold look

Vaibhavi says that it is heartwarming when people recognize her role and performance in the film, ‘I went to watch Chidapata 2 in Mumbai with my family. People had come in large numbers to watch the film and they all recognized me and spoke fondly of me. Even when I was shooting in Udupi, Mangalore recently, I can’t forget that he recognized me as the girl of Kite 2 and took a selfie.”

Vaibhavi, who is currently playing the female lead in Dhruva Sarja starrer ‘Martin’, has high hopes for the film. ‘Martin’ is my first Pan India film. It was another wonderful experience. This role is very close to my real life. I appeared as a bubbly girl. I am seen as a strong girl who is not afraid of anyone and wants to achieve something in life,’ says Vaibhavi.

Vaibhavi Shandilya: ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh ‘Galipata 2’ heroine Vaibhavi Shandilya

Saying that she likes to experiment with different things as an actress, Vaibhavi says, ‘I don’t like to be confined to one type of role. I want to play a drug addict. I want to act in a horror film. I want to do female lead films. Apart from sensitive films, Rajamouli also wants to act in larger than life films. “I am looking forward to working with all kinds of roles, with all styles of directors,” says Vaibhavi, who has not accepted any new film for now.

There are many offers now. I am hearing many stories. But, nothing has been done. It has to be shown what kind of roles can be done. I must describe myself as a versatile actress. So, I am in search and selection of such roles. I will give you some good news soon,’ says Vaibhavi.

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