Hemanth Kumar: Hemanth Kumar couple having a baby boy

Hemant Kumar is a popular singer in Kannada cinema. Hemant Kumar couple is happy now. Hemant Kumar and wife Kritika are happy to have a baby. Today, Hemant Kumar’s wife Krithika has given birth to a son. Singer Hemant Kumar shared the sweet news of his father on Facebook.

Facebook post by Hemant Kumar
” It is the arrival of the prince to our home. Happy Waterfall is coming to tell you that a cute healthy baby boy is born. May the blessings and wishes of you all be upon us, ”wrote singer Hemant Kumar on Facebook. Singer Hemant Kumar also shared a photo of the family of Khushi, who is having a baby.

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Hemant Kumar – Kritika Marriage
Hemant Kumar and Krithika’s wedding was held in August last year. Family, friends and cinema dignitaries witnessed the marriage of Hemant Kumar – Krithika. Many actresses, actresses and singers including real star Upendra have attended the wedding and wish Hemant Kumar and Kritika.

Doctrine Kritika
The daughter of singer Hemant Kumar is a doctor in Krithika profession. Krithika worked as a Nephrologist at St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore.

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Singer Hemant Kumar
Singer Hemant Kumar started his career by becoming a music assistant for ‘Nadabrama’ Hansalekha. Music composers like V. Manohar, Sadhu Kokila, Gurukhiran, Manoamurthy, Arjun Janya, V. Sridhar, V. Harikrishna have come up with songs. Hemant Kumar has done well in the films of star actors like Shivrajkumar, Puneet Rajkumar, Upendra, Ganesh, Sudeep, Srinagar Kitty, Darshan and Yash.

Hemant Kumar’s big break in career song ‘Preetse .. Preetse ..’ from Preetse. ‘Surivi Suwali’ from the film ‘Kuriyar Saar Kurikis’, ‘Problem Problem’ and ‘Bakra Bakra’ from ‘Super Star’, ‘Danger ..’ from ‘Blood Tears’, ‘Monsoon Rain’ Hemant Kumar has sung many songs including ‘Preity Mae Husaru’ from the movie ‘Duniya’.

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