Guru Shishyaru: There is no one who is as happy as me if the movie watchers say this: Sharan

(Harish Basavaraj)
Actor Sharan has appeared in the movie ‘Guru Shishyaru’ in a role never seen before. He played the role of a physical education teacher and said that he got this role and said that he was lucky.

Directed by Jadesh Kumar Hampi, the movie ‘Guru Shishyaru’ is based on the desi sport Kho Kho. 12 child artists have appeared with Sharan and it seems that all the roles are going to be special. The story of the physical teacher ‘Guru Shishyaru’ movie is different. That character size is huge. You will not get Sharan in this movie. Manohar, the physical teacher of the school in the movie, is found. Here is the joke. But the way it is said is different. The role of Manohara is very serious. I have prepared differently for that. Comedy is also different from my previous films,’ said actor Sharan.

‘Manohar’s character was asking for seriousness. Rather than preparing for it, I put the role into myself. It was my team that kept me cool. Director Jadesh, creative head Tarun Sudhir, writer Masti, cinematographer, music director and so on made Sharan charming. The story is the hero in this movie. Sharan says that the story is more important than all of us.

Kho Kho is the hero of the sport

Along with the story, the desi sport Kho Kho can also be called a hero here. Our sport Kho Kho has not got much importance. For the first time in Kannada cinema, we used that sport in a movie. The audience who came out after watching the movie will know that we have made a meaningful story into a movie. For Kho Kho, I got some physical training with the boys,’ said Sharan.

A sense of worth

‘Guru’s disciples have accepted the film, which gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am lucky that the story chose me. It’s hard to make a story like this go forward. Thanks should be given to story writer and director Jadesh. The audience will get a new Sharan in this movie. New talent will emerge. I definitely believe that ‘Guru Shishyaru’ is a special movie in Kannada cinema. If people say this on Friday, no one will be as happy as me,’ said Sharan.

Nishvika Naidu acted opposite Sharan in this movie. The sons of six leading actors of Kannada cinema have acted as disciples. The film has already created promise through songs and trailer.

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