‘Got a character that can challenge acting ..’; ‘Diya’ Khushi talks about the first Telugu film

Harish Basavaraj
Actress Khushi Ravi is one of the co-stars of Kovid’s first wave. He was then offered several movies. The same ‘Diya’ film was dubbed in Telugu and released there. Then Khushi got an offer from Tollywood and has now finished shooting a Telugu movie.

Khushi Ravi starred in four movies after ‘Diya’. The other two are now in filming. In between, they have the experience of working with a good team in Telugu. ‘The name of the movie I acted in Telugu was’ Rudra’. The film is directed by Bhargava. The team of ‘Rudra’ cinema technicians are very good. Most of those on the team live in the US. All of them come here and make movies. Previously it was a movie called ‘Gatham’ by the same team. The character I played in this movie is very different, ”says Khushi Ravi.

‘He was a character that I could not handle in my film career. I don’t know if I will ever do such a challenging roll. So I agreed. A character that challenges my acting. “People are really surprised to see that.”

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“I had agreed with Sandeep Kishan’s film with Rudra. But Dates was not compatible with Rudra. I got out of that cinema with no intention of disturbing the other team from me. In addition, the role of ‘Rudra’ was a good choice for me. So I chose this one. The film’s director Anand and Sandeep are still in touch today. “We will do a project in the near future.”

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Ready for the release of their ‘Spooky College’ in Kannada. In addition, Khushi has heard the story of three films. Like an announcement in the near future.

‘Rudra’ is a challenging role I have had in my career. In addition, there are three Kannada films. Cinema with Prithvi Ambar 50 percent finished.
– Khushi Ravi, Actress

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