‘Golden Star’ Ganesh who started ‘triple riding’; The first song was released with a bang

The movie ‘Galipata 2’ in which ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh was the hero has hit the screens recently and has been a huge success. Now Ganesh is ready to charm on screen once again. This time he is going for ‘triple riding’. Yes, Ganesh’s next movie ‘Triple Riding’ is ready for release. The first song of this movie has been released. The song ‘Yatta Yatta..’ was recently released in a grand manner. This song is written and sung by Chandan Shetty and sung by singer Mangli Saath.

There are a lot of twists and turns

Then talking about the film, ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh said, ‘I have known the director of this film, Mahesh, since the time of ‘Monsoon Rain’. He was working in the direction department for that film. He said that he will make a story then. After fourteen years, he came to make a story. Thanks for giving a good role. Good luck to Ram Gopal who has produced for the first time. There are a lot of twists and turns from the beginning to the end of the film. This is a solid comedy film. Especially the last twenty minutes of the film will leave the audience laughing. In this, you can see all the problems that can happen if you go for ‘triple riding’.

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‘Triple Riding’ is a Swamake film
I have known Ganesh since the time of ‘Monsoon Rain’. Since then I wanted to make a film for him. That time has come now. ‘Triple Riding’ is a Swamake film. Action, thriller, comedy, some sentiment and suspense are all there. There are four songs. One of the songs was released today. Three more songs are better than each other. Saikarthik is the music director. We made the movie as we thought. Thanks to producer Ram Gopal for that. May all your wishes come true’ said director Mahesh Gowda.

Golden Star Ganesh will dance with three heroines in ‘Triple Riding’!

tribble riding movie

There are three heroines in this film. Starring Aditi Prabhudeva, Megha Shetty and Rachana Inder. Megha Shetty plays the role of a doctor in this film. Rachana has played the role of a stubborn woman. Talking about the song, Chandan Shetty said, ‘I had sung two songs for Ganesh sir earlier. This is the third song. Saikarthik has given the music very well. Let both the song and the movie become hits’ he said.

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