Ganesh: In ‘Bana Dari’, Ganesh plays a cricketer; The film team facing Africa

After the huge success of the movie ‘Galipata 2’, the ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh is currently busy with the movie ‘Bana Darilei’. Specially, he is seen as a cricketer for the first time in this movie. Also, heroine Rukmini Vasant will shine as a swimmer. Earlier, the entire film team was camped in Mangalore. After finishing the second phase of shooting there, now the whole team is heading towards Africa.

The film crew is ready to go to Africa
Many hit movies have already come in Ganesh and director Pritam Gubbi combination. In this combination, now the movie ‘Bana Darilei’ is getting ready. In this movie, which has a story of sports genre, Ganesh is seen as a cricket player, while Rukmini Vasanth is acting as a swimmer. Currently, the second phase of the film has been completed in Mangalore, and some parts including the water games have been shot there. The shooting of the third phase will take place in Africa and the team will soon leave for Africa.

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Ganesh who has prepared well
In this movie, Ganesh is seen in the role of a young man who wants to play cricket for the state. It seems that he has practiced the game of cricket very seriously for this movie. Director Pritam, giving information about this, said, ‘The four movies of Nanna and Ganesh combination so far were comedies and light hearted love stories. When we decided to team up in another movie, I thought we should write a new type of character. Ganesh and I play cricket. In this, I wrote the role of a cricketer after seeing his performance and dedication towards learning cricket.

Golden Star Ganesh: ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh is a surfer in the movie ‘Bana Darilee’ by actress Rukmini Vasant.
The film team has decided to shoot some matches in this movie. In this movie, Ganesh’s cricket game has come out brilliantly. It is as if the director has shot every scene with great care

Ganesh: Rukmini Vasanth paired with actor Ganesh who is going on ‘Bana Dari’
Preeta Jayaram has written the story for this film and Masti is writing the dialogues. Music by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Abhilash Kallathi. Rukmini Vasanth and Reeshma Nanaiah will also be seen in the lead roles of the movie ‘Bana Darile’ which is being produced under Srivari Talkies banner. Rangayana Raghu is playing the lead role.

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