Gaalipata 2: Golden Star Ganesh, Yogaraj Bhatt ‘Gaalipata 2’ all set to fly in OTT

‘Golden Star Ganesh’ and Yograj Bhatt (Golden Star Ganesh) again charmed on the screen in Samagama’s ‘Gaalipata 2’ movie. Movie lovers appreciated this movie which earned huge money at the box office. On August 12, the movie ‘Galipata 2’, which flew in the state as well as outside the state and abroad, set a new record. The film made by Bhatru with some spice along with friendship, love, loss, sacrifice and emotion is now all set to enter OTT.

Kite for Dussehra festival-2G 5 OTT

Golden star Ganesh, Dood Peda Diganth and director Pawan Kumar played the lead roles in this film, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Sanyukta Menon, Sharmila Mandre appeared as heroines. Ganesh’s son Vihaan also played an important role in this film. The film Kite 2, which is a family entertainer, will be released on G5 OTT on October 5 as a Dussehra festival special.

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Veteran actor Ananth Nag has painted the role of a Kannada maestro, Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Rangayana Raghu and others are acting. Camera work by Santhosh Rai Pataje, music by Arjun Janya for the film. Those who missed Ramesh Reddy’s movie Kite 2 in the theater can now watch it at home.

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“There have been many movies in the combination of me and Bhatt. But I had never called him about any film. But after the dubbing of this film, he called me and told me that he has done a wonderful film and congratulated me. Indeed, ‘Galipata 2’ is very good,” said Golden Star Ganesh during the trailer launch. Said.

Kichchan Vikrant Rona’s movie has already created a season on J5 OTT and has taken the top trading position at third place. Those who missed Vikrant Rona’s film which has got crores of millions of views can watch it at home.

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