G.V. Iyer Putra’s ‘Bhoo Natak Mandi’; Singer Rajesh Krishnan who painted again

Senior director of Kannada cinema G.V. Iyer’s son G.V. Raghavendra Iyer is also active in the film industry now. Raghavendra, who started a digital studio called Jeevi Iyer Cinemaloka, now G.V. Iyer started productions and produced a film through it. Besides, he directed this movie himself. The film is titled ‘Bhoo Natak Mandi’.

Raghavendra has made a movie called ‘Bhoonataka Mandi’ with the story of how children get self-confidence from their elders and face the challenges of the society amid the current decaying family values. Recently, the trailer release and press conference of this film took place. Maa in this movie. Tusshar is seen in the lead role, while singer Rajesh Krishnan and ‘Sparsha’ Rekha play the roles of Tusshar’s parents.

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Sharing information about this film, Raghavendra said, ‘It is my childhood dream to make a film. It is now a reality. We started this film in 2017 to commemorate our father’s 100th birthday. Corona came when the film was to be released. So it was delayed by 2 years. This is a true story based film. An attempt to send a message from the children to those who do wrong in front of the children. If parents see it as an adult movie, children will rarely see a children’s movie. We have an intention to make one film every year from our organization,’ he said.

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When and how we say something to children is important. There is also a description of the old age home in the film. This film also tells how children take tough decisions due to parental pressure. We are releasing the film on September 23,’ said director/producer Raghavendra.

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Singer Rajesh Krishnan, who has painted again after a long time, said, ‘The experience of this film is more like working in our home production house. This film started earlier. It is a movie suitable for all times. It is a multi-perspective film with many layers. Society, children, home environment and outside environment have been made with great effort. A lot of values ​​have been told in this movie,’ he said.

Tusshar, who has played an important role in this film, said, ‘The movie was made 3 years ago, I am still young. I didn’t understand the story while shooting. Now when I saw the trailer, I got an image.’ Ma. Mahendra, Veena Rao, Sujatha Raghavendra Iyer etc are in the film. The film has music direction by Gururaja Marpalli and cinematography by Raju Shiralakoppa.

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