For the first time, Chandan Shetty & All OK!

Two of Sandalwood’s most popular rappers are Chandan Shetty & All OK (Alok). The duo have already sung several hit songs and have been performing. But the two had not yet sung together. But it is possible that the ‘publication of the missing’ cinema. This is the first time Chandan Shetty and All OK have sung a song together. Sandalwood’s renowned supporting artists Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Shankar and Tabla Nani are the voices of the ‘Bangkok Song’ in the ‘Missing Man’ cinema.

Popular singers
Chandan Shetty was initially a rapper at Sandalwood and later wrote lyrics for the movie songs. It was then that he started making music for the movies. Songs from Chandan’s musical ‘Pogaru’ were a big hit. Likewise, All OK is popular with a number of album songs. His ‘Yakinge Maga Yakinge ..’ was the Song Sakhat Famous. The two singers are now singing for the same movie. The song was written by Arjun and written by Krantikumar.

The supporting cast is the main character in this ‘publication of the missing’ cinema. In a sense, these are the heroes for the ‘Missing Manifesto’. Director Anil Kumar, who has directed mass films like ‘Dilwala’, ‘rambo – 2’ and ‘Shakti’, has directed the ‘Missing Persons’ cinema and co-produced the film with his friends.

Ashika Ranganath holding a beer bottle on ‘Missing People’ What is the reason?

‘Notice of Missing Persons’
The release of the teaser and trailer of the movie ‘Publication of the Missing’, in which Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Shankar and Tabala Nani have appeared in different looks. ‘This movie is like a home run. There is a thrilling element in this story. Everyone who sees this film revolves around human relationships. I’m going to tell a different kind of story through 3-4 characters. I am working on unraveling this style in my own style so that everyone has their own lives. The movie ‘Missing People’ is not a regular style movie. It is a small attempt to specify how human relations work and how much he should pay for those relationships, ”says Anil Kumar, director. The film is set to debut on May 27 across the state.

Rambo 2 Directors’ Notices on the Missing
Comedy actor Chikanna also played a key role in the film, which features villains and comedians in many films. In this film, the story is the hero .. ‘ ‘Some of the roles he has played for the artist come to mind. The role of the film is one of such, ”said Tabala Nani. Actress Ashika Ranganath is playing a major role in the movie.

Ravishankar Gowda’s Style Dialogue Rangayana Raghu In The Trailer Release