Fida’s mirror to actress Sai Pallavi’s effort to learn Kannada for ‘Gargi’: Video

Some of Sandalwood’s artists are accused of using English and not English. Kannadigas have often expressed concern about some English speaking artists leaving Kannada. But Tamil Nadu based actress Sai Pallavi has spoken Kannada and won the mind of Kannadigara.

New cinema announcement in front of fans
A lot of people greeted Sai Pallavi on his birthday today. A gift from Sai Pallavi on his birthday has delighted his fans. Sai Pallavi appreciates the effort.

Sai Pallavi, who has quietly finished the movie shooting and dubbing
Sai Pallavi has shared the Making Video of Sai Pallavi’s upcoming ‘Gargi Movie’ on social media. He has not given any information about the film to date. The shooting and dubbing of this movie is quietly over. Gorgi is a bold woman scholar of mythology.

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Release of ‘Gargi’ in three languages
Sai Pallavi posted on social media: “I have been waiting for a few months for this film to be told.

‘Gargi’ is being released in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. The teaser of the film will be released soon. The film was written and directed by Gautam Chandran.

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Sai Pallavi is a Kannada word that is difficult but persistent
Sai Pallavi himself learned Kannada, and pronouncing Kannada was not easy. Sai Pallavi has repeatedly uttered Kannada and tried to speak. A video on how Sai Pallavi learned Kannada is going viral on social media. Many have appreciated Sai Pallavi who put in the effort to learn Kannada for cinema.
Sai Pallavi belongs to the right hand side. The poor live in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. Kannada language is spoken in their home.

Actress Sangeetha Sringeri praised Sai Pallavi
“It is fun to see Sai Pallavi speaking in Kannada. Sai Pallavi should praise the team’s efforts to speak Kannada properly. Trust Sai Pallavi and praise the directors for supporting them,” said Rakshit Shetty, starring ‘777 Charlie’ cinema heroine Sangeetha Sringeri on social media.

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