‘Dwipatra’ movie directed by Chartered Accountant; Here’s a story of two DNAs in one person!

‘Dwipatra’ movie directed by Chartered Accountant;  Here’s a story of two DNAs in one person!
People from different fields enter the cinema industry as artists and technicians. Especially techies are mostly interested in this field. Here is a chartered accountant who came to cinema and his name is Srivatsa. He has directed the movie ‘Dwipatra’. A movie is made based on a real incident in Kerala and it is named ‘Dwipatra’. The film stars veteran actor Avinash, Chandu Gowda, Ninasam Ashwath, Malavika Avinash, Satya, Sneha Hegde, Payal Changappa, ‘Bigg Boss’ Raghu Gowda in lead roles.

Inspired by a real incident in Kerala
‘I have been obsessed with cinema since I was very young. During my college days, I wanted to make a film. I did Diploma in Film Technology course while working in Chennai. Then the idea of ​​making a movie became stronger. After shifting to Bangalore, I was looking for a good story. Then I came to know about an incident in Kerala. It was reported that there are two DNAs inside a human being. I turned it into a story. Thus, this movie is based on what happens if a person with double DNA becomes a psycho killer. ‘Dwipatra’ is a story of a different genre. Director Srivatsa says that I wrote the screenplay based on the real incident that happened in Kerala in 2016.

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A couple of short films made by Srivatsa have won the Best Screen Play Award at the Bangalore International Film Festival. I have done a lot of research for this movie. I have made a film keeping a scientific record. I have no experience working for anyone. But I learned cinema in academics. I have directed many short films while studying. My first movie ‘Dwipatra’ has turned out very well,” he says.

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There are 4 main characters in this film, BGM is a big strength for our film. The screenplay is so fast that even if you miss a moment, the link will be missed’ is the words of director Srivatsa. Prashant Siddi, Suchendraprasad and many more artists have acted in this film.

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