Dr Ravikanthe Gowda: Police officer who released the audio of the movie ‘Two Thousand Twenty Gopickees’


  • ‘Manasare’ starring actress Priyanka Chincholi, Balaji Sharma acting cinema
  • The movie ‘Two Thousand Twenty Gopickees’ will be released on December 10
  • Police officer Ravikanthe Gowda who released the songs of the film

Having different storylinesTwo thousand twenty gopisThe film is slated for release on December 10. He is playing the lead role in this movie Balaji Sharma, Priyanka Chincholi, Nandish has appeared. This is the first film for Priyanka to star in serials like ‘Manasare’, ‘Manasella Nine’ and ‘Hara Har Mahadeva’. There are three songs in the film, Sridhar v. Sambhram has composed the music. The film is produced by Kuchchanna Srinivas. Police officer Ravikanthe Gowda has released the songs for the film.

Police officer Ravikanthe Gowda, who released the songs, first remembered Puneet Rajkumar. Talking about the film, he said, ‘My senior, Kuchchanna Srinivas, had told me about filmmaking. When I was invited to the audio launch now, I was delighted to hear the news that the film had just arrived. They spend less money in Malayalam and Tamil and produce better films. Those films have been successful there. When I hear about this film, I feel like a good story. We, too, should encourage good pictures. Otherwise the situation will look bad. Hearing the songs of the film impressed the ears. Let the film be a success, ‘he said.

Speaking later, Kuchchanna Srinivas said, “There are three main steps in making a film. The first is the writing stage. Screenwriting is a challenging task. It is not possible to write a screenplay alone. I believe it is not written. It is the act of discussing and talking to a group. I, Narayanaswamy, the director of our film, have been scripting for one and a half years. Second stage shooting. Similarly, the third step is to incorporate music into songs. Music must be present in order to effectively convey the context of any film. Music plays a major role in cinemas. Personally I like this third level very much. “Three songs are in our picture.”

‘The song is not just music, it needs lyrics. It was a wonderful process. We have seen many great poets struggle to write a song. It’s not easy to write songs that fit the story, the context, and the director’s imagination. He has penned the lyrics for the songs of Haradisiva, Gauspir and Mahendra Gowda. Sridhar is not only a composer but also has good literary taste. They judge well whether or not the lyrics fit into the music, ”said Kuchchanna Srinivas.

‘Manasare’ serial actress Priyanka Chincholi ‘two thousand twenty gopikari’ cinema release!

Kuchchanna Srinivas then spoke to Police Officer Ravikanthe Gowda. “Ravikanthe Gowda is not just a police officer. His is a literature. His father Besagarahalli Ramanna is a popular storyteller in Kannada. He also composed the lyrics. I think maybe waiting for retirement. Many of his books are likely to be published later. When she was recently invited, she sent poetry on WhatsApp. Was very happy. There are good lines. He is the chief guest today.

Priyanka Chincholi, actress of ‘Manasare’, Praveen Sood wishes for Balaji Sharma cinema

State Police Director General Praveen Sood

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