‘Dolly’ Dhananjaya wrote 8 songs in ‘Orchestra Mysore’; Music Direction by Raghu Dixit

‘Dolly’ Dhananjaya wrote 8 songs in ‘Orchestra Mysore’;  Music Direction by Raghu Dixit
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A song is as important as the story of a movie. There are 8 songs in the movie ‘Orchestra’ which is releasing this week, it is a musical movie. Not only that, music director Raghu Dixit is another hero of the movie ‘Orchestra’.

Raghu Dixit is recognized nationally and internationally due to his distinctive voice. Raghu Dixit said that ‘Orchestra is a wonderful movie of my career’ as he not only composed the music for the film Orchestra but also supported the film crew as a producer.

‘Orchestra movie is a project close to my heart. I have worked with complete newbies so far. There will be a little risk in financial matters with newcomers. But you get an opportunity to work happily. The orchestra also gave me a similar experience. Individuals can learn many things while working with newcomers. ‘Orchestra’ is my dream come true movie. Giving music to a musical film gives a special experience in a way’ said Raghu Dixit.

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I didn’t get this movie. I took it. Director Sunil Mysore came to ask me for acting. I was not interested in acting then. I heard the script and said I will compose the music for it. Then Sunil said, ‘You don’t have enough budget to pay’. I did not ask for payment. Music work for the movie. Then producer Ashwin said that we will keep your music as an investment for this movie and credit you as the producer. I felt lucky to have a good producer who announced himself as a music director and producer. Therefore, I am not a producer by investing money in this movie. Instead of giving music, I became a producer’ said Raghu Dixit.

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There are a total of 8 songs in the orchestral movie. Everything is written by Dhananjaya. A music director can work even better if he gets good lyrics. That’s what I got in this film. Every song is liked by people. People still listen to my ‘Just Mat Matalli’ movie songs. Similarly, orchestral movie songs will also be listened to fondly for tens of years to come. Music and Mysore played an important role in this film. The culture of Mysore, the love of the people there is all revealed in this film’ says Raghu Dixit.

“Everyone who has worked in an orchestral movie is from Mysore. I am one of them. This is the story of our land. The unveiling of the culture of Mysore. The life story of a singer has given me a wonderful experience working in such a movie. This is a very special movie in my professional life. 15 thousand people have acted in the climax of this movie. It is an emotional movie that brings tears to the eyes of the moviegoers. Music director Raghu Dixit said

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