Dingri Nagaraj’s son Rajavardhan’s movie ‘Gajarama’ supported by Abhishek Ambarish

‘Massive Star’ Rajavardhan is busy in back to back movies after Bichugatti movie. Before the release of the movie ‘Pranayam’ and ‘Hiranya’ in which he is acting as the lead actor, a mass subject movie, Rajavardhan Batthali is included. That is ‘Gajarama’. Kicked off with the first look poster, the film’s anniversary has been completed today (Sep 28).

Impressed by the story woven by director Sunil Kumar V.A., Rajavardhan gave the green signal to star as ‘Gajarama’ and the film’s launch date is now live. Junior rebel star Abhishek Ambareesh has supported the film crew by clapping for the film.

Abhishek Ambarish, who clapped for the film, said, “Our father made a film called Gajendra. Now my friend is acting in a film named Gajarama. Rajavardhan has appeared very well in the motion poster. All the best to the entire film team.”

Dingri Nagaraj’s son Rajavardhan’s new movie is titled ‘Gajarama’

“Ondolle family entertainment and mass content is in the film. I heard about my role and I liked it. When you get a good production house, good producers, you should not give up. I am personally happy with the story line,” shared information about the film.

Kodagu Bedagi Tapaswini Poonachcha is sharing the screen with Rajavardhan as the heroine in the film. This is his second movie after ‘Harikathe Alla Girikathe’. Sunil Kumar, who has worked as an assistant director in the film industry for many years, is donning the director’s cap with the film ‘Gajarama’.

The director, who is crafting an action, mass entertainer for Rajavardhan, is gearing up for the shoot from tomorrow with a lot of preparation. One of the special things about this movie is that actor Deepak Prince is playing a special role in this movie.

Kannada film ‘Bichchugatti’ has made even the pro-language fans look back.

Melody is the magic of songs
Manomurthy is the music director for this film. Cinematography by KS Chandrasekhar, Editing by Gyanesh B Mathad, Choreography by Dhananjay, Lyrics by Chinmay Bhavikere, Lyrics by Jayanth Kaykini. Narasimha Murthy is producing the film under Life Line Film Production, Mallikarjun Kashi and Xavier Fernandes are also producing.

Before Darshan’s ‘Rajveera Madakari Nayaka’ movie, another movie telling the story of Chitradurga is released!

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