Dileep Raj: ‘Hitler Kalyana’ actor Dileep Raj is now a ‘great artist’

Actor Dilip Raj, who is famous for playing the role of AJ in the serial ‘Hitler Kalyana’ aired on Zee Kannada channel, has made a comeback on the big screen. Yes, he has made a new movie and that movie is named as ‘Great Artist’. By the way, this movie was first titled as ‘Kalavida’. Finally, on Ravichandran’s advice, the name ‘Great Artist’ was given.

Ravichandran suggested the title
Abhay Chandra is directing this movie. This is the second movie for Abhay who is the son of veteran journalist Dr. Sureshchandra. He also directed the music for this movie. Sharing information about this film, Abhay said, ‘This is my second film. I prepared this story and titled it ‘Kalavida’. Ravichandran informed him about this. He said, ‘Give this title liberally… but don’t just say ‘artist’. Add something else’. He says that I gave him the title of ‘great artist’.

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Unveiling the artist’s life
‘This is a film with a storyline that shows the life of an artist. If I had to write this role, I thought that Dilip Raj would be suitable for this role. He became the hero of this film. Janhvi Rayala and Pallavi Raju also acted in this movie. Bharat B, a friend found online during the lockdown. Gowda is producing this film. Kiran Gaja is working as a cinematographer. Abhay Chandra informs that the shooting of two phases has already been completed.

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Dileep became a hero again after many days
Talking about his role, Dilip Raj said, ‘I am acting in a film again after a long time. Abhay Chandra has chosen a good story. The shooting of two phases has already been completed. The performance of an artist should first be appreciated by the director. Abhay should tell me about my acting first. I am also eagerly waiting to see this film.’

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Jahnavi Rayala is playing the role of Dilip Raj’s wife in this film. Producer Bharat B. who was originally from Hassan. Gowda has invested in this film.

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