Diganth: ‘Left hand is the reason for the accident’ shooting starts: Shooting in one location!

Here are the latest details about Diganth’s movie ‘Left Hand is the Cause of Accident’.

Diganth’s fan base increased further with his acting in the movie Kite-2. Diganth, who is in the same mood, has now started shooting for a movie with a different content called ‘left hand is the cause of the accident’.

Directed by Samarth Kadkol, this movie is produced by Gurudutt Ganiga of Ambi Ninge Yuzaayto fame. Director Samarth has also joined hands in the production. ‘Left hand is the reason for the accident, the movie has a special subject. The entire movie takes place in one location. The shooting of this movie has started from Friday in one of the luxury apartments near Yalahanka. We also did Muhurta on Friday itself. Actor Diganth, heroine Dhanu Harsha and some artists will participate in the shooting, said director Samarth Kadkol.

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Sandalwood actress Nidhi Subbaiah will be playing another important role along with the hero and heroine in the movie ‘Left Hand is the Cause of Accident’. The film team will give more details about that character in the coming days.

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The director is ready to show the hardships of the left in the world in this movie. What is special is that they have done a lot of research for it. The lead actor Diganth is playing a left handed character in this movie. Abhimanyu Sadanand is working as cinematographer for this movie.

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“Left hand is the cause of the accident” is a content oriented movie. Diganth had never appeared in such a role in his career. This is a dark comedy film, said director Samarth Kadkol.

“Left hand is the reason for the accident. The subject of the movie is unique. 10% of people in the world are left-handed. They are very intelligent. Director Samarth Kadakol has researched extensively for this subject. Along with the story of this movie, the screenplay is also funny. I agreed because the director has written to make you laugh in every scene. All the movies that I have acted in have been hits with comedy in mind. I believe that people will like it too,” said actor Diganth.

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