Diganth Injury: Successful surgeon for actor Digant ‘Thuds up ..’

Actor Diganth, who was doing somersault in Goa, fell ayatappi and hit his neck. He was airlifted to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore on Tuesday (June 21) for further treatment. Doctors at Manipal Hospital, who inspected Digant, said he needed immediate surgery. He has successfully completed his surgery. He has been in operation for three hours and is currently shifting to the ward.

The actor who made the thumbs up

After the shift to the ward, a photo of Digant signaling ‘thumbs up ..’ went viral. He thumbs up in the sense of ‘I’m worried .. no danger ..’. Fans are relieved to see this photo. This photo has given some comfort to fans who have been worried since hearing about it. Actor Digant is likely to be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

Diganth Serious Injury: Digant Neck Injured In Goa
What did the father say about Digant’s health?
‘He had gone to Goa for a tour. When we got the phone, we got this information. Nothing bothers the Spinal Card. It’s just a little slip up. Digant is speaking. We all talked to him. This is a minor operation. He will be discharged soon. He’s a very active boy. Accidents are normal. There is nothing that can be done. ”

Diganth Injury: Actor at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore
Director Digitized by Google “Digant spoke to us before going to Operation Theater. Nothing bothers them. Doctors said it was a small sports injury. Somersault slipped and hit the neck. No one even needs to panic. There is nothing shocking, ”director Yogaraj Bhatt informed.

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Digant’s wife, actress Aindrita Ray, is expected to speak to the media by mid-day today (June 22). It is said that they will inform about what happened in Goa.

Airlift to Bangalore

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