Dhruva Sarja: Actor Dhruva Sarja lost 18 kg in 23 days for the movie ‘KD’

Dhruva Sarja: Actor Dhruva Sarja lost 18 kg in 23 days for the movie ‘KD’
It is known that Dhruva Sarja lost 30 kg to look like a 13-year-old boy in the movie ‘Pogaru’. In the climax of ‘Pogaru’, Dhruva Sarja got fit to fight with Ajanubahu International Bodybuilder. Now he has lost 18 kg weight in 23 days for the movie KD.

Liquid diet
‘Jogi’ Prem has given information about Dhruva Sarja’s weight loss along with a photo on social media. Dhruva Sarja has lost 18 kg in total 23 days. Even in the movie ‘Pogaru’, he did a liquid diet to lose 30 kg weight. It seems that the same method is followed even now. Dhruva had also warned earlier that no one should diet like I do.

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Big budget movie ‘KD’
The film is titled as ‘K D’, which is coming up in the combination of ‘Jogi’ Prem and Dhruva Sarja. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt will act in this movie. This is a big budget movie and the film team has not yet given information about how much money will be invested.

A 70s story in commercial form
The story is inspired by the true events that took place in 1970, and the film is about the rowdyism of the 70s with the presence of gangwar. It seems that an attempt has been made to show the style of speech of that time in a commercial manner by keeping it intact in this movie.

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Dhruva Sarja is seen in a never seen look in ‘KD’. The retro look seems to give his fans a kick in a different way. Prem, who had researched about the underworld while making the film ‘Kari’, seems to have found it a little easier to make this film.

Underworld activity was rampant in the 1970s. Many people were called fighters then. Dhruva Sarja will be seen in the role of one such fighter. There seems to be a lot going on in this story. Bangalore is the base for the underworld. Prem will bring a war-like story in Bangalore. For that, the poster of the film was written as ‘Prelude of War’.

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The entire movie will be shot on the set
Even if the entire movie takes place on the set, an attempt is made to show it realistically. For this film, a huge set has been set up in a 20-acre site at Sunkadakatte, Bangalore, a set inside Mysore Lamps, and a large set in some studios in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Thus, KVN is responsible for the construction of the organization.

Dhruv Sarja is acting in ‘Martin’ with AP Arjun. It is special that 3 stunt directors worked for one fight of this movie. All in all, Dhruva Sarja is keeping busy in Sandalwood.

‘KD movie has a beautiful real love story..’- ‘Jogi’ Prem

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