Dhanveerah: ‘Kaiva’ will have a meltdown, a love story and a bloody chapter!

Harish Basavaraj
Director Jayathirtha, who is known as the director who brings sensitive stories to the screen in Sandalwood, started the movie ‘Kaiva’ a few days ago. Actor Dhanveer, who is building his own fan base as a mass hero, is the hero. The first look of this movie has been released and the opinion that it is different has been expressed on social media.

In the first look released now, actor Dhanveer is holding a sword and wearing a turban. This type of getup is seen only in Karaga, Bangalore. The director said that there will be a similar situation in this movie too.

Bengaluru was shocked in 1983; Dhanveer starrer ‘Kaiva’ has a real story
I made this story based on a real incident that happened in 1983. On September 12, 1983, at 3.20 in the afternoon, an incident took place in this city that shocked Bangalore. That is the main plot of our movie. Our story is not limited to that event. The story of the movie starts from April itself. A young man named Kaiwara Bhima comes to Bangalore to make a living. Upon arrival, many incidents like rowdism, love and so on take place in his life,’ says director Jayathirtha. Karagada Sampradaya Dharmaraya Swamy Temple in Bangalore has a history of almost 800 years. Its Karaga Sikkapatte is famous. The story of this movie starts with Karaga and ends with Karaga.

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The entire tradition of Kaaraga will be in this movie. Jayathirtha has informed that some history of Dharmarayan temple, the tradition of celebrating during the time of dissolution, the traditions, the ritual etc. have been shown in detail in this movie. Re-creation of 80s As the story of this movie takes place in 83, VIPs, dons and rowdies of that time come and go at least in one scene. The whole story of the movie takes place in Tigalarapeta, Bengaluru. Thus, this is not the story of Thilagar Pete, but the story of two lovers. We have equated all the events of that day. Lead actor Dhanveer has acted brilliantly in this movie,’ says Jayathirtha. Dhanveer stars Megha Shetty as the heroine. Many artists including Raghu Shivamogga acted in this movie.

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“Kaiva” is a love story. There is a bloody chapter in this love story. You have to see what it is in the movie itself. In this Jairaj, Kotwal all come and go implicitly. The entire movie has been shot in retro style,” said director Jayathirtha.

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